HIT (Hawaiian Isles Tennis)

HIT provides a free after school character development program called Play Tennis, started by Leilani M. Magee, founder of HIT (Hawaiian Isles Tennis, 2008). In 2009, one day launch events took place on five islands: Maui, Lanai, Oahu, Kauai and the Big Island. The Maui event took place in 2009 at the War Memorial Tennis courts servicing 75 youth representing four Boys & Girls Clubs of Maui.

A Rookie coach training session happened the day before to prepare Seabury Hall varsity tennis teams for an afternoon of youth community service through tennis. Before working with the Boys & Girls Club children, the high school players were mentored how to teach by tennis teaching professionals, Leilani Magee of HIT, Jack DeAndrade of Makena Tennis Club and Richard Stumpf of Seabury Hall Tennis.

HIT’s flagship school year round after school Play Tennis program is at Palolo District Park at Jarrett Middle School, and is provided in partnership with After-School All-Stars. Play Tennis summer programs have taken place Upcountry on Maui, and the plan is to begin school year round programing on Maui with the arrival of the 2014-2015 school year. Three additional HIT programs support Play Tennis: Tennis Sisters, Community Revitalization and Equipment & Apparel Recycling.


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Chinese New Year

These festivities celebrate the Chinese New Year. The venue for the festival has been at the Maui Mall. 2010’s Chinese Festival included a recycling and green component.

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Filipino Working Group

The project aims to improve understanding of the socio-economic, educational, mental health, substance abuse, and psycho-physiological factors that may affect the health and well-being of the Filipino Community on Maui. Through one or more workshops and outreach efforts, participants and community members will better understand Filipino historical background and cultural value systems. The project has been funded by the County of Maui, Hawaii People’s Fund, and private donations.

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Ma`alaea Harbor Pumpout

Through the continuation of the pump-out program at Ma`alaea Harbor and educational campaigns informing boaters about the importance of protecting the environment and encouraging them to utilize this pump-out service, at least 20 commercial vessels routinely participated in this pump-out program. Nearly 1,000 gallons of raw sewage was prevented from being dumped in the ocean daily. The two objectives of this program continue to be to provide the following: (1) The on-going support of the actual pump-out services for boat owners in Ma`alaea Harbor (2) To provide administrative support for the tracking and community education using local media and others to raise public awareness regarding the issues of dumping of sewage in Maui waters Twenty-eight participated in 2009. It appears as if the sewage pump facilities have been placed on hold. It was announced that it may take up until Summer of 2010 for a revised bidding process to begin, with work starting approximately January 2011 and completion in December of 2012. An additional grant from the County of Maui and HTA has been awarded to continue the pumping through June of 2010.

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Kamaole II Park Dune Restoration

A county grant from Hawaiian Tourism Authority funds was awarded to restore and stabilize oceanfront dunes that have eroded from wind, pedestrian traffic, stormwater runoff and wave action. Two phases of the project have been implemented. Pedestrian access was diverted, native beach species were planted and irrigated to help stabilize the dunes, and sand from the Kihei Boat Ramp dredging project has been

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South Maui Coastal Corridor

The South Maui Coastal Heritage Corridor is a recreation and tourism project of the Tri-Isle Resource Conservation and Development Council, Inc. (Tri-Isle RC&D). The project is a culmination of a partnership with the State Department of Land and Natural Resources, Division of Forestry and Wildlife, Na Ala Hele Trails and Access Program, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, University of Hawaii, Sea Grant Extension Service, and individuals from the community of Kihei. The project protects and provides public access to South Maui’s 15 mile leeward coastline. The project has installed interpretive signs between Maalaea and La Perouse Bay. Signs describe the historic importance of the area in terms of Hawaiian cultural values and traditions.

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Project Graduation

Grants from Housing and Human Concerns assist with this project. Alcohol and drug free events on graduation night are held in a large number of Maui County High Schools. An additional grant to support Make a difference Day and other volunteer programs has also been awarded.

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Mu’olea Point Archeological Project

 Na Mamo O Mu‘olea is a local group in East Maui whose mission is “To perpetuate traditional ‘ahupua‘a management of the Mu‘olea ‘ahupua‘a and to restore and maintain Mu‘olea’s natural, cultural, scenic, historic and marine resources for the benefit, education and enjoyment of our community and future generations.” Tri-Isle assisted by administering the OED grant for an archaeological survey, archival research and oral history.

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Mokuleia Stairway

This past project is in need of upgrade and repair and approximately $90,000 is needed to match ADA funds of $54,000 and Na Ala Hele of $20,000. Maui Coastal Land Trust and Na Ala Hele are partnering in this project with total costs estimated at approximately $175K.

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Na Kupuna O Maui

The project aims to establish a center in the old Pioneer Mill Administration Building for Kupuna to gather for meetings and other activities and to establish a repository of family and other historical records for persons of Hawaiian Ancestry on Maui. The License to Occupy is being prepared by the Department of Housing Concerns. A Determination of Eligibility for listing in the National Register of Historic Places has been made by the County Department of Planning. The project is currently undergoing an inspection process to determine any mitigation needs for safety or hazardous materials. The idea is to sub lease a portion of the building to the Lahaina Town Action Committee for a repository for historical items. Funding sources are being pursued.

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Hawaii Childrens Trust Fund

This project is based upon a grant that was transferred to TIRCD due to the closing of Community Links Hawaii.

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Molokai Land Trust

The Molokai Enterprise Community organization has voted to have Tri-Isle be their fiscal agent.

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Maui Upcountry Fair

The Up-Country Ag Fair was held during the summer. Attendance was approximated to be over 15,000. This is another event funded by the County of Maui and augmented by donations as well as food and craft income.

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Kamehameha Day Parade

The events was well attended in previous years. Funding for this event has been awarded by the County of Maui and event planning and workshops have started.

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Aloha Festivals

Tri-isle provides fiscal oversight to the Aloha Festivals in Maui County. Using grants from the the County of Maui Aloha festivals are celebtrated on Maui, Molokai and Lanai. This year’s events were successful. Carry over funds from the events will be carried forward as seed money for next year.

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