First Friday Hawaiian Nights

The project honors Hawaii’s people and culture while encouraging economic development by creating a monthly town-wide celebration, drawing visitors to downtown Wailuku to share with residents in unique and memorable experiences. The event is focused towards visitors who want an authentic experience in entertainment, shopping, and dining while on island. Local and part-time residents are also drawn to the area by a festive “Pau hana” atmosphere, including unique entertainment, food drink and merchant specials. Funding for this next calendar year has been decreased to $17,000. Even though the event continues to draw many visitors and residents alike, funding is limited.

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Teens on Call

This program provides supervised work/study experiences for at-risk teens and young adults. Job skills are developed through training programs and personal guidance. The Program also supports community service projects and support to community events such as cultural and recreational festivals and the Maui County Fair. Grants from Maui County Housing and Human Concerns support the program’s operational and personnel expenses. A Housing and Human Concerns grant $52,975 each year for two years on behalf of Teens on Call operations had previously been contracted. TOC has been awarded level funding for year two. It is not certain as to the process in the upcoming fiscal cycle.

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Kuha’o Business Center

The Center has provided training and support services to Molokai residents and has been particularly instrumental in assisting applicants and awardees of the Molokai Agricultural Development Program. In the previous 3 years, Center staff conducted training workshops for applicants to help them prepare their MADP funding proposals. In addition the Center provided individual counseling and assistance to grantees in preparing claims and reports for Tri-Isle. Through FY-06, Tri-Isle assisted the Center with fiscal oversight of a county grant for operations. Annette Pauole-Ahakuelo, Director of the Center was transferred to the Office of Economic Development as an employee in fiscal year 06-07. Tri-Isle is completing a final reconciliation and expenditure of the three accounts with the Center. Future agricultural training contracts with the center are dependent on congressional appropriation of MADP funds. 2009 continued these activities– and are expected to continue with the larger 2010 funds.

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