Lana`i Recycling Center

TIRCD has been working with Maui County to plan and build a recycling center on the island of Maui. Designs have been drawn and permits pulled. The newer fenced location behind the Castle and Cooke Company’s Administration Building has been completed. The Redemption facility has moved, water brought to the site and planniong continues to develop and build the recycling facility at the same location.

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Lana`i Bottle Redemption Project

Tri-Isle was awarded a contract by Maui County to establish the only recycling center on Lanai as part of the HI-5 beverage recycling initiative. The locally staffed center has achieved a redemption rate of approximately 82%. Funding from the State has continued to support the project. Current operations are being supported from the handling fee funds and grants to cover shipping costs to Oahu where the beverage containers are processed.

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