The Center has provided training and support services to Molokai residents and has been particularly instrumental in assisting applicants and awardees of the Molokai Agricultural Development Program. In the previous 3 years, Center staff conducted training workshops for applicants to help them prepare their MADP funding proposals. In addition the Center provided individual counseling and assistance to grantees in preparing claims and reports for Tri-Isle. Through FY-06, Tri-Isle assisted the Center with fiscal oversight of a county grant for operations. Annette Pauole-Ahakuelo, Director of the Center was transferred to the Office of Economic Development as an employee in fiscal year 06-07. Tri-Isle is completing a final reconciliation and expenditure of the three accounts with the Center. Future agricultural training contracts with the center are dependent on congressional appropriation of MADP funds. 2009 continued these activities– and are expected to continue with the larger 2010 funds.