Through the continuation of the pump-out program at Ma`alaea Harbor and educational campaigns informing boaters about the importance of protecting the environment and encouraging them to utilize this pump-out service, at least 20 commercial vessels routinely participated in this pump-out program. Nearly 1,000 gallons of raw sewage was prevented from being dumped in the ocean daily. The two objectives of this program continue to be to provide the following: (1) The on-going support of the actual pump-out services for boat owners in Ma`alaea Harbor (2) To provide administrative support for the tracking and community education using local media and others to raise public awareness regarding the issues of dumping of sewage in Maui waters Twenty-eight participated in 2009. It appears as if the sewage pump facilities have been placed on hold. It was announced that it may take up until Summer of 2010 for a revised bidding process to begin, with work starting approximately January 2011 and completion in December of 2012. An additional grant from the County of Maui and HTA has been awarded to continue the pumping through June of 2010.