Initiated by Senator Inouye’s office to help transition plantation agriculture to diversified farming, this program has supported agricultural business opportunities first on Molokai to emphasize appropriate models of sustainability and promote local community values and benefits. Later, the program was expanded to the rest of the Hawaiian Islands. TIRCD also administers the Maui ADP. Steered by local advisory committees, the program provides cost-share grants to beginning and established farm businesses to grow, diversify, develop value added products, marketing strategies, and other methods of developing viable businesses. In the first 8 years, MoADP and MaADP have provided training workshops and individual coaching to applicants and grantees. The variety of applicant projects has included organic and conventional diversified ag, permaculture, consumer supported ag, floriculture, specialty crops, and group projects including cooperatives. Seventy four projects have been awarded grants totaling more than $1.6 million for developing local ag businesses. Local match exceeds $320,000. Training scholarships were provided to MADP participants for a number of workshops. Recently, funding has been received every year except FY-07. While funding in 2009 dipped to $50,000 each, the funding in FY-10 amounted to $ 241,000 each for the Moloka`i and Maui/Lana`i ADP projects.